Singer-Songwriter Rissi Palmer’s LP, simply entitled Best Day Ever, features 10 songs--- all happy, all light, all “comfort food” for the soul and is what Rissi calls “a sophisticated children’s album” while also being melodic nostalgia for adults. Co-written with and produced by the talented team of Deanna Walker, Rick Beresford, and Blue Miller, the entire project is filled with songs from the perspective of a child—the simple yet profound things that make life the “best day ever” for children in so many ways.

Best Day Ever has been streamed more than 500k on Spotify and has received accolades from several popular family blogs, including Baby Meets City, Full Van Fun, and Kids Can Groove, and on the podcast Spare the Rock. The tracks, “Best Day Ever” and “Dear to Me” have been featured on the award-winning compilation albums Smiles Ahead and Heart Beats, both released by Mighty Mo Productions and Hallmark. Rissi has performed the album in its entirety at “Lincoln Center presents LC Kids” as a part of Lincoln Center’s children’s programming.


What Everyone is Saying:

This is one children’s album I will listen to with or without my munchkins…and I won’t get looked at with the side-eye for singing the songs out loud when I’m by myself (Dora anyone?).  From songs like “Be Me”, to “You Could Be Dancing”, to “Not Afraid of the Dark”, these messages are for the adults as much as they are for the kids.” - Christine St. Vil from Moms N’

“I've listened to a lot of kids music. "Best Day Ever" succeeds because it really, truly is written with kids and their parents in mind. Palmer's gorgeous voice weaves stories from the kids' and parents' perspectives. And it's all set to some great music, mostly pop with a little country twang or R&B thrown in.”- Sarah Lindenfeld from

“This album is the perfect soundtrack to describe the thoughts and feelings of children.  As an adult it will take you back to those feelings of being afraid of the dark, knowing that your parent's love was more magical than a unicorn and wanting to be a dragon slayer when you grew up.” –



On July 31st 2020 Hip Hop, soul and electronic musician Pierce Freelon released his debut family album, D.a.D. a dynamic and genuine collection inspired by his journey through fatherhood. The eclectic recording is a family journal chronicling the life and times of a Black millennial father living in the South.

As a skilled beat maker, Freelon thrives in sampling sounds from his environment and incorporating it into his music. He used this technique to assemble D.a.D like a quilt, stitching it together by voice memo recordings of himself and his children along with melodies and beats that he enhanced with soulful arrangements and honest and playful lyrics. His messages and themes are relatable and universal but are delivered in a style unique to the artist and his diverse creative circle.

The second single off D.a.D, My Body feat. Rissi Palmer, teaches kids about creating Consent Culture. *A portion of the proceeds from My Body will help sustain a consent culture curriculum for Blackspace teens in Durham. 

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