Do you want to chart your own musical career but wonder just how far you can go? Join independent artist Rissi Palmer for a series of deep conversations with industry experts. From music publishing to digital streaming, from country to rock, these conversations will draw on personal experience and the best practices for independent artists. Each conversation will feature music business pros and allow participants to ask questions. Based on Palmer’s own experience in the industry and the idea that ‘no one will swoop in to save you, you have to save yourself’, these events will help you to find your own path as an independent artist. 

From how to get bookings with Tess Mangum, to licensing your work for television with Aurelia Belfield, to legal advice from Gabriella Logan to showcases and art markets with Shana Tucker, these conversations will be illuminating and compelling. 

The schedule includes: 

Who needs a manager: Management and Booking Agent 411 w/ Blair Clark

Get That Booking: How to Make a Lasting Impression on Bookers/Curators w/ Tess Mangum

As heard on TV: Television Music Licensing for Artists w/ Aurelia Belfield

Don't Sign That: Basic Legal Advice for Artists w/ Gabriella Logan

Who Needs an Agent? The world of showcases & arts markets for independent artists w/ Shana Tucker


Dates for conversations to be announced soon...