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Happy Release Day!!!

Last night I sat up thinking about how blessed I am to be able to do my heart's desire for a living. I am also so blessed to have so many people believing in my dream. Thank you all from…Read more

The Back Porch Sessions - Behind the Music (Video)

Get all the information you could possibly want to know about my new EP, The Back Porch Sessions, in the above video and pre-order your copy of the project today by clicking HERE!!! #thebackporchsessions #May26

"Sweet Sweet Lovin'" - Live from the Studio

We filmed this almost a year ago when we were still in the studio recording the EP. We (my producers Shannon Sanders, Drew Ramsey, and I) had so much fun making this project as evidenced by this video. I can't…Read more

Making the Video!!!

Well folks, we are a wrap on the video!!!  We shot here in Durham last Tuesday and I'm excited to report that I just got done viewing the last edit for the video an hour ago!!! You will be seeing…Read more