Pinecone Online Workshops: Music Business 101 with Rissi Palmer: All the Bad Decisions I Made So You Don't Have To!


Rissi Palmer will discuss her personal journey in the music business, how she got a publishing deal, a record deal and ultimately went independent. She will talk through other aspects of her career including her Color Me Country ( radio show and basic songwriting. Q&A is strongly encouraged! We hope you will make plans for this unique one on one experience with Rissi Palmer! Rissi Palmer's gift lies in reaching across boundaries. One of our most compelling singers, she is at home in R&B but made her mark in country, bringing the entire spectrum of popular music to bear on music she calls “Southern Soul.” Her new album, "Revival," is her most powerful work to date. The product of a mature artistic vision, laser-focused social consciousness, and a voice with the power and grace only experience can bring, it is also her most important work. "Revival" finds Rissi dealing with some of the most pressing issues of the times, as well as with the personal realms of love, loss, and identity. “It’s one of the most personal things I’ve written and recorded,” she says. “Everything I write is personal, but I feel like I’m in a place of being really honest and transparent with people, because that’s what I like in an artist. That’s what I look for; those are the people I’m interested in, and I want to do that same thing for others.” Suggested donation: $10. An e-mail containing the link to access this online program will be sent to all registrants on the day of the program.

Suggested Donation of $10