The '72 Redo to benefit Harmony Music School

Doodad Farm, 4701 Land Rd. , Greensboro, NC 27406

For the fourth year in a row, Doodad Farm has recruited a group of talented musical volunteers to support a local music-related nonprofit for our tribute show. This year we're trying something different -- a tribute to a year in history. We’re going to take a trip back to another era. 1972 was a pivotal year in terms of art, culture and history, with parallels to our current times. We invite everyone to come out, support Harmony Music School with your donations, and slip back into a simpler day.

Starting at 3pm, we'll have a steady stream of music as the area's best musicians recreate the songs that were released in 1972. We're talking the Rolling Stones, James Taylor, Seals and Croft, Alice Cooper, Tanya Tucker, Neil Young, Aretha Franklin -- all the songs you heard on the radio back when the stations played the whole spectrum of music. We'll also be celebrating other aspects of 1972 culture and history.

We don't charge admission, but we do hope you'll support Harmony Music School ( Harmony was created by local musician and music teacher Lyn Koonce to provide free musical instruments and instruction to children who otherwise might have no exposure to the magic of playing music. Contribute however you can - we'd love to see $20 per guest, every cent of which goes straight to Harmony Music School.

Everyone is welcome to come join us for this unique celebration!

Other details: • Kids, dogs, and even mothers-in-law are always welcome as long as they behave themselves. • This is an outside, farm like setting (thus the name). Dress like you’re going camping and you’ll be fine. • We never allow weapons of any sort at the farm. If you think you need to protect yourself, you’re in the wrong place. • Bring your own beverages, and consume them responsibly. Other smart items include chairs, snacks, coolers, sunscreen, and bug spray. We'll have a food truck on site, but of course you're welcome to bring a picnic. No open fires, but grills are fine as long as you leave no trace of your cooking. • Smoking is permitted as long as you don’t bother anyone or do any butt-dropping. We ask that smoking take place away from the stage area so that others may enjoy the show. • Please clean up after yourself and treat the Farm as if it’s your own (in a way, it is!). • Portable toilets and drinking water will be available. • Let someone help you park, especially if the field is wet. • Please keep in mind that this is a family-friendly event, not a recreation of Woodstock. We will not tolerate any illegal activities on the premises.