Almost there…

Hey all,

I apologize for the delay in my updates.  Summer’s officially over (can you believe it?!?!?), Grace is back in school, I’m starting to work with my vocal performance students again, and in the gym getting my life for the new pictures I’ll be taking soon.  Though I’m done with the singing parts, the producers have been busy getting the tracks to perfection.  They are still adding backgrounds and instruments to each of the tracks. Here are some shots and videos from behind the scenes:

This is a little snippet the engineer, Greg Fuqua aka G Roni :-) posted two days ago of producer Shannon Sanders playing B3 on one of the new songs.

This is a snippet that Jason Eskridge, one of the BEST singers I’ve ever heard and someone I appreciate and adore, posted of some of the backgrounds he’s doing for my album.

Below is a shot of Ty Smith, who some of you may remember from my touring band during the Rissi Palmer album era, laying down some Mississippi love on the drums for the album…

Finally, here’s a shot of Chris Donahue playing upright bass on the tracks…

While Drew and Shannon work their magic in the studio, Team Rissi is preparing our business plan, publicity campaign, and touring schedule.  I have meetings this week to plan the visuals that will accompany the songs and will hopefully begin filming in the next few weeks. Ginnie McKnight has completed some GORGEOUS tshirts for you all that will go into production shortly. All in all, things are progressing and I will DEFINITELY keep you posted.  I’m planning a special listening something for you all so you can sample this goodness that we’ve created.  Once I have the mixes in my hands and get the “listening party” figured out, I’ll send out a special invite to you all…after all, without you, this wouldn’t be possible!!!

Love you all,



Making the Album…


Well folks…I’m excited to share that as of July 26, I have recorded all of my vocals!!!  I’m also proud to say that my daughter Grace will be making her musical debut on this EP, lending her vocals to a song. I can’t tell you how proud I was to be sharing my passion with my sweet girl.  She was a natural and sang her part in two takes!!!


   At this point my producers, Shannon Sanders and Drew Ramsey,  will be fine tuning everything (i.e. adding more instruments, recording additional backgrounds, and mixing).  As soon as the songs are completed and mixed, I’ll be sharing a sneak peek with my Newsletter subscribers (YOU) and Kickstarter contributors.  I’ve been planning a way to do a private listening party for you all…I’ll keep you posted!  If you can’t wait until then, I shared small snippets from the recording of two of the songs on my Instagram account, you can check them out here: Sweet Sweet Lovin’ and Well Enough Alone.


   This process has been so much fun and so good for my soul.  This is my second time working with Shannon and Drew, so I knew that it would be great. However, it’s amazing what having no constraints, deadlines, or third party expectations can do for your creativity. The guys are geniuses and made it so easy for the music to flow.  I went into this with a set of songs I believed in and the faith that something good was going to happen and now there are two new tracks and a project that makes me smile for so many reasons. Listening to the roughs, I realize that, while it is a different sound from my first album, it’s definitely the natural, next step in my evolution as an artist and I sincerely hope you love it as much as I do.